We offer workshops for individuals of all ages and skill sets from primary and middle school children to undergraduate and graduate students. We have educators that can teach at all levels with curriculums that have been specifically developed to address a range of urban gardening topics. From secret seed dispersal methods to gardening gadgets, students will be exposed to themes of environmental justice, food access and urban gardening.

For more information about our courses or if you are an organization interested in offering our classes, please get in touch.


  • Secret Gardening Tools:  Students are introduced to urban gardening methods and secret gardening tools to help them garden on-the-go including seeds bombs to take home!

  • Healing our Neighborhoods: This class offers remedies for various challenges in our neighborhoods caused by food deserts, pollution, and urbanization. Students will make seed pills that will act as a medicine for the earth that they can administer to their neighborhood.

  • Heirlooms and Organic Gardening galore: Students learn about the importance of organic gardening and heirloom seeds through observation drawings, field trips and comparative taste testing.

  • Flower Power:  This workshop series introduces students to concepts about pollinators, bioremediation, and edible plants through the lens of flowers.